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Sunday, October 02, 2005

my special suit!

So before I got married or even knew who I was going to marry I got this genius idea, to surprise my husband on our wedding night wearing this and only this... a wonderful ensemble that previously belonged to my sister in the year of 1985. I discovered it in a box of what we called "up north clothes", which meant that we took them up north to our cottage and left them there so we didn't have to pack as much next time. The reason we were able to leave them there was because we didn't really want to wear them. (I think they fell into that... I don't like you anymore but I can't part with you either category) So as time went on, My mom thought that in addition to keeping a surplus of ugly clothes that we didn't to wear on hand she thought that she would also contribute, by making special trips to garage sales and buying us even "special'er" clothes. Such treasures these were. A vast array of " Napoleon Dynamite" shirts and apparel. So to complete the story, I forgot this nighty in Michigan at my parents house, so I was unable to surprise him on the wedding night but 2 weeks later it made it's appearance and everyone got a good laugh.


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